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Big Red is an art gallery as well as a recording studio. But at Big Red S & P, we know you don't want to buy soulless art.

You want something eye-catching, but it needs to have heart too. We offer items from literally every continent, but with stories to match the distance they have traveled. Whether a gift from a Masai warrior, or a teapot found in an abandoned limousine, each product of Big Red has a memory and a tale behind it. No need to read catalogs on a plane or search aimlessly on the web for that perfect find.

Each item has a story. Each item has a memory. Each item is sentimental.
And that sentimentality can be bought...for a price.

Make someone's memory, YOUR memory… NOW GO SHOP!!

[To learn more about the Recording Studio, click on Music]

And why do we call ourselves Big Red? Because we're Big. And Red.