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Record your God-given talents at Big Red S&P

Funkmaster Z. has the touch and the equipment to get the most out of what you got.
We offer recording, mixing, mastering, live sound, multi-track live show recording and rehearsal time.  We can also arrange studio musicians for your live session.  Create your sound in our large main room, 10'x15' isolation room, or customized vocal booth.

And it is not just sound rooms and equipment you'll have access to…

Lounge areas for your significant others or friends who want to listen in
Kitchen for your snacking pleasure
Card and Pool tables
Dope bathroom with reading materials for all levels
Large area for joint performances
Too sweaty after rockin? 25 sq. foot shower to freshen up in. With two shower heads if you'd like some     company! (Company provided by YOU, not Big Red.)
Need to sleep it off? Couches, beds, and recliners are available by request

I want to record at Big Red!!!

Some of the local and internationally known bands who have recorded:  Boozy Lips, Mystic Jammers, Land Mammal, Super Heroes, Tevellus, members of Soul Jam, Triangle Forest, members of Girl Haggard, Doomstar!, Space Hotel, and more signing up daily. 
Contact us for hourly and/or monthly rates, describe your project, or a list of equipment available!